Technically PvP is a podcast hosted by Gerissar with Windstead and Andallyn.  On a Bi-Weekly schedule, we discuss PvP in World of Warcraft, and analyze various aspects of it (battlegrounds, arenas, team compositions, classes and specializations, etc).

Gerissar is a professed PvP novice.  I have always enjoyed watching PvP, but am usually put-off playing because of the feeling of inadequacy when I got stomped in random BGs.  With the changes in Legion, I have decided to give it a concerted effort.  While learning myself, we will be discussing with Windstead and Andallyn and possible guests about everything to make us all better players.

Windstead is a lover of all things PvP, but truly enjoys the Battleground.  He has many years of experience playing and leading BGs.  He graciously decided to join forces with us to create a truly wonderful and informative podcast.

Andallyn, an experienced mage and guild master. Andallyn has lead a number of guilds and focused on building PvP communities. As a seasoned RBG leader and seeker of competitive mage play he joins us as a co-host to the podcast.

You can find our podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and the RSS feed through LibSyn.  We record every other Tuesday at 7 pm EST/EDT.

You can reach us individually on Twitter at:

  • @windstead84
  • @Andallyn
  • @technically_pvp

You can also find us in game through our BTags:

  • Gerissar#1480
  • Andallyn#1244
  • Windstead#1273