Design an Arena Competition

Blizzard gift card(Updated July 14, 2017)

As mentioned on our 23rd podcast, we are holding an “Arena Design Competition Contest” for a $20 USD of Battlenet Bucks!

Submit your ideas by email no later than July 4th to

We will discuss and judge the submissions on our podcast in eight weeks (around July 11th, 2017).  The winner will be announced during this podcast, after which you will be contacted via email with the code.


Will it be a round circle, or will it be square?  One level, two or more?  Will you have ramps?  How does it fit into the lore?  Sand, or snow?  Rock or wood?

We can’t wait to see what you think up!

Congratulations to Alisaunder and Suchghost for their winning ideas!  Through our judging, they tied, and we decided to award them both with a prize of $20.

Check out Episode 28 where we discuss these and other entries!

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