The Starting Point

As with any new adventure or challenge, there is starting point.  That point where you actually start “doing”.  This is mine.

I have found myself wanting to improve my ability to play PvP in World of Warcraft for some time now.  And I have always found the podcast landscape bereft of discussions on PvP.

Sure there have been a few start-ups but they seem to not last, most likely due to the lack of PvP news or because of how time consuming generating a podcast can be.

I am hoping that this will not fail.  I am hoping that this will flourish, especially with the sudden growth of the eSports genre.

Ultimately, I hope these blog posts, and podcasts, will help others want to try to PvP and help them improve their gameplay through the lessons I hope to learn in the near and not-so-near future.

Now, to go and die a bunch while I learn to not die so much. 😀


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